searching for the origins of black and white

When I was 15 my parents gave me a Minolta SLR for Christmas, which I still have to this day. My father fostered my enjoyment of photography by turning our house into a gallery of his work. In college while studying to be an Architect, I took some photography classes and explored working in the darkroom. Time passed and my interest in photography came and went. Until I got my first digital camera.

Now, I am active in many online forums, local photography clubs and have entered many photography gallery shows and contests. I shoot mostly landscape, architecture, macro, people and abstracts (just about anything). I have even gone back and shot film again. Using some of my old film cameras, buying a few new ones, and using my wife’s grandfathers old Rolleiflex. My interest currently is leaning towards exploring more black and white photography.

You can continue this photographic journey with me by visiting the links on the left of my website.


All the photographs you see on this website and Flickr are available to buy as prints. Each print is made to order by Mpix, a popular professional lab producing high quality prints. 

My preferred method of payment is Paypal.  Upon confirmation of payment, I will have all prints sent out in about one week.

Please contact me by using the contact link above to order your prints.  Or email me at


All my pictures are also available to license for a fee. Please contact me by using the link at the left for details.  Or email me at


Please do not download and use this image without written permission. All my pictures are protected by copyright.

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